At the height of Taal Volcano's eruption early this year when prices of N95 masks skyrocketed, Medhyve worked with Caritas Organization by helping them source supply of masks which were distributed to families in need.

We shipped thousands ofpieces of premium quality N95 masks at half of the price they would get elsewhere by connecting them to the right suppliers on our platform.

We’re extremely happy that we could assist in the efforts of the Caritas Organization in their effort to provide a helping hand to people in need!

Recent typhoon Ulysses triggered massive flooding, prompting residents to scramble onto rooftops.

After the rescues have been done, many are now in evacuation centers.

Medhyve sent help to the people of Rizal. The work is far from over, please donate to the many groups that are mobilizing efforts to continue to send help. Or email to contribute to our next round of giving.